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Why Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is worth getting

Why Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is worth getting At the time of writing, one month of Xbox Live Gold will run you $ 9.99 per month. Sure, you ...

15 Of The Best Xbox One Accessories In 2021

The Xbox One might have been supplanted by newer hardware, but it's still a fine machine capable of playing all the latest games. Here are the best Xbox One accessories if you aren't ready for ...

Microsoft Canceled Plans To Raise Xbox Live Gold Prices And Apologized After Customer Outrage

The company responded to negative feedback from customers to roll back pricing increases and admitted they "messed up" on Friday.

Former Xbox VP Thinks Its Time To Get Rid Of Xbox Live Gold

A former Xbox VP doesn't think that Xbox Live Gold should exist at all. Yesterday, Xbox announced that there were going to be changes to the way that Xbox Live Gold subscriptions are handled. However, ...