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The Latest Xbox News and Information

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The Xbox Series X mini fridge is real and releasing this year, and not just in the US

Microsoft has announced an Xbox Series X-themed mini fridge set to ship this holiday, and it's coming to more places than just the US.

The Xbox Series X is available at Walmart (Update: Sold out)

ET: Walmart appears to have sold out of Series X consoles for today. I hope that you got one! Microsoft’s next-gen console may have arrived, but getting your hands on an Xbox Series X isn’t exactly ...

Xbox 360 Controllers and 'Pokémon' Colors, Here are The 7 Best Xbox Design Lab Creations

With Xbox Design Lab, gamers are now able to order customized controllers with their own unique color schemes and inscriptions. Here are some of the best designs so far.

Xbox Game Pass is Microsoft's biggest consumer opportunity since Windows itself

Microsoft outlined its vision for moving beyond its console install base, capturing audiences who can't buy, or simply don't want to buy, a video game console. The opportunity Microsoft has here is ...

Microsoft Will Bring Xbox Series X|S Exclusives to Xbox One via Cloud Gaming

Microsoft has announced that it intends on expanding the Xbox One lifespan by implementing its cloud gaming service onto consoles, meaning you will soon be able to use Microsoft's eighth-gen console ...

E3 2021 Was Xbox's Biggest Show Ever By Viewers

The Xbox E3 2021 briefing on Sunday was the biggest E3 in Xbox's history based on viewers. Xbox boss Phil Spencer revealed this on Twitter where he also thanked everyone for the "great week." "We ...

Xbox Design Lab will let you customize your Xbox Series X controller starting today

Xbox Design Labs is back and ready to ship customized Xbox Series X controllers right now. It’s back. Personalize your own next-gen controller with the revamped Xbox Design Lab: ...

Microsoft Flight Sim Update Will Let You Land Anywhere, More Tutorials Coming To Xbox

As part of the Xbox Games Showcase Extended event on Thursday, Microsoft shared some news about what's next for Microsoft Flight Simulator, and this includes a new feature. A future update for ...

How to Watch the Xbox Games Showcase: Extended

Helpfully, Xbox has already started a placeholder premiere stream for the Xbox Games Showcase: Extended over on YouTube. For ease of access, we have gone ahead and embedded that above. It should start ...

Bethesda Isn’t Apologizing For Xbox Exclusivity, They’re Just Sorry PlayStation Fans Are Sad

In a recent interview with Tamoor Hussain, Bethesda’s Pete Hines made headlines saying that he was “apologizing” for Starfield Xbox exclusivity, saying that he played plenty of games on PS5 himself.

Xbox Design Lab relaunches, adds support for Xbox Series X|S controllers

Xbox reintroduced the Xbox Design Lab, offering players the chance to customize their next-gen Xbox Series X|S controllers.

Xbox Design Lab reopens with Microsoft’s updated Series X/S controller

Xbox Design Lab is open for business once again, and this time it has the new Xbox Series X gamepad and more colors.